The moon’s glow


I want nothing more right now
than to drunkenly dance
in the moonlight
Letting the moon’s glow
seep into my skin
so that when I leave this dark cave in the morning
I’ll be beaming too…


10 thoughts on “The moon’s glow

    1. Yes, Sireee Sir! I don’t put my copyright stamp on anything that is not mine. 🙂 So you can safely assume that almost (I say almost because some day I might want to put some that aren’t mine) all of the pics here are mine. 🙂

      Here is my original photo and with the help of Photoshop’s magic I was able to adjust the tone, contrast, color, and sharpen. That is how I was able to achieve this photo that you see here.

      I take it from your question that you liked my photo, yes? 🙂
      I liked it and I wish it would have been big enough to print. The moon was just too far away from my lens. 😦


      1. Yes, I do like the photo. The original is good too, actually much better than I think most cameras will take. One of these days you need to find a big lens in your Christmas stocking. 🙂


        1. Thank you. I like my camera more and more as I am learning how to use it. 🙂

          One of these days, when Santa Claus thinks I’ve been a good girl I might find one in my xmas stocking.


  1. Dancing in the moonlight… Leaving with a glow… I like the thought of that. The moon looks like one can reach out and touch it. 🙂
    ~ Dolce


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