Her City

the city

Take her to the city
The building and lights she’ll see
Their glamorous differences no more
between you and such grandeur

Skyscrapers and your back
Linked overpasses and your fingers
Hungry people and the look in your eyes

She’ll fall in love
With the city
And she’ll fall in love
With you

The city is one of her dreams
In which you took part
Another tall building in her heart

You became to her
As eternal as this city
As pure as the love it gives

Later on
When you return to your home
The city’s joy will continue to last

Take her to the city
Its magic is meant for you
And her

You will make her dreams come true
Some you won’t
You will tell her “keep on dreaming”

She will dream
And she will love you, too….


2 thoughts on “Her City

    1. Oh where, Oh where, could that be… Oh where…
      Drat now I am signing some silly song. 🙂

      Something tells me that she falls for you each and every time she looks at you.


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