The Point Loma Cliffs

point loma redone

point loma redone1

My ecstasy is strolling along the ocean cliffs
Breathing deep within
The wonderful aroma of the sea
Hearing the promising waves roll below me.

It is my place of serenity
Takes me anywhere I care to go
Gently allowing my body to float upon the waves
Or happily splashing thru it all.

I love the seashore
My get away from the monotonous of my city life
It gives me much pleasure
It is what keeps me sane and alive.

Note: I was messing around Photoshop settings and somehow I created these two pictures.
I think I like them but not any better than my original one. It is their differences that I love the most because of the feelings that they evoke from me.


8 thoughts on “The Point Loma Cliffs

    1. Yes, it was perfect timing and I waited often clicking after the wave came. I was happy to see I got one that was close to what I wanted. Glad you like it and thanks for telling me your thoughts. πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve been to that exact spot many times. πŸ™‚
    Amazing, isn’t it, how the seashore brings us such peace and tranquility? Thinking about it, it’s not a peaceful place at all. Waves crash, tides pull, winds blow. It’s full of so much activity, noise, natural violence even, yet in all of that we’re mesmerized. I wonder why. Lovely words you write.


    1. Why does it make me happy to know you been to a place where I’ve visited before. Imagine if you and I were there at the same time. πŸ™‚

      Your description is exactly why going there brings me peace and tranquility. To experience this and feel the ocean’s raw power, makes me grateful to be alive and in many ways whatever turmoil I might be living, it slowly recedes with each crashing wave.

      Thank you kindly for your compliment.


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