Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity 2.0


Serenity is found when the sun rises
Where the water is warmed by the land
And when you bury your feet in the sand

It’s said to be heard in the sounds of the trees
Where the best sound can be nothing at all
Your mind starts to wander with the greatest of ease

Don’t let life pass you by
Because from this moment on
Serenity has been found

See who else is blogging about Serenity.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity 2.0

  1. …this one is so so much better! The composition is excellent, I love the way you’ve included more of the sand in the foreground. The line where the water and sand meet is wonderful. And lastly I l be that the sun isn’t dead center in the frame. All in all one hell of a photograph.


  2. My wish for you is, one day someone might take you to that forest where the best sound is nothing at all. In the meantime, remain with your feet in the warmed water.


    1. What a wonderful wish.Thank you! How did you know that I have the same exact wish. Are you psychic? 🙂
      I’ve never been that deep in a forest, where civilization is left far behind. I do hope one day I find a man brave enough to take me. 🙂


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