Teach me

female brewer's blackbird
Pull off my wings
Then teach me to fly
Show me how it’s done
And maybe I won’t die

I know I can learn
Only if I take heed
So my teacher my ears are open
My mind is ready to be freed

Just show me the way…


Note: How do birders do it? I had a heck of a time identifying this bird but being the tenacious girl that I am I was able to do it and I felt so good when he confirmed that I was right! Isn’t that the best feeling, knowing that your hard work paid off?  I even learned more about birding.  How awesome is that!

So, ladies and gentlemen I present you a female Brewer’s Blackbird. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Teach me

  1. Dark plumage, dark eyes, intense stare. Not unlike you.

    Your poem, it’s very Zen – like. Leave aside our unnecessary bodies, our unnecessary needs and only then can we learn to fly. Very good.


  2. I love the way you captured this bird with your camera. Congrats on figuring out what bird it is. “Show me the way…” *thumbs up*


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