The Sky Will Shine Again


Too say that I miss you would be too much
Too say that I love you would be too far
Too say I want your arms around me and pull me close would be too cruel

What I want… is not able to be given
What I need… must be put aside
As each day lingers and each night falls… I slip into a darkness

Much too dark to ever shine
Abandoned, desolated, forsaken
I collapse only to rise again


10 thoughts on “The Sky Will Shine Again

  1. Nice poem, a little dark perhaps, but who says all poems need to be all sunshine and rainbows?

    Great sky in the photo. I’ll take a sky like that over a bluebird cloudless sky any day! Photographically speaking of course.


    1. Thanks my friend! It is sad and dark poem but my ending has hope with the prospect of some happiness as she rises again.
      Just like the sunlight in my photograph is parting the darkness…

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    1. As I look forward for yours to be as well. Maybe… If, wait not if… When you do, you could share it and if you are too shy then you can just share it with me. Yes?


  2. Another dramatic photo but like your poem that ends with hope, so does this photo show hope. I love how the light is still visible through those dark clouds. Soon, the light will break through.


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