Deep In The Valley


There is a place deep in the valley where many lilies grow
Where bluebirds fly gently as they go

Lots of soft grass as green as it can be
In this valley you are free

Snow-covered mountains look peaceful and serene
Like a picture post card to complete the scene

A big blue sky bluer than the sea
There is a place deep in the valley where I long to be


8 thoughts on “Deep In The Valley

        1. Your mission in life? Oh my, you have no idea what you are walking into… better run away before it gets too late. 😉

          And you are right, you are the only one I know that loves being in top of a mountain in -15F weather and it feels like home but still if I didn’t know you I wouldn’t have written that. So there it’s all you. 🙂
          Thanks for the inspiration.

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  1. Yes, a way with words and an eye to take photos. This image makes me want to be in that exact spot and twirl around, like Maria, as I sing, “The Hills are Alive.” 🙂


      1. * singing with you *
        She did a really good job singing this song and I loved that Julie Andrews came out to give her a hug. 🙂


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