My Daffodils

yellow and white daffodilyellow and white daffodil1


Nodding to the song of humming birds
Daffodil speaks whispered words
To the sunshine as it spills
It’s golden hue on petals trims
Bending on a green stem
Honeybees dance around them
Ruffled collar, white and yellow bloom
Bursting buds chase winter’s gloom
Gone the rains and bitter chill
Banished by the daffodil


10 thoughts on “My Daffodils

          1. I was finally able to make it into Tuckerman Ravine for my annual spring visit. I had a rigorous 3:30 a.m. hike, I was in and out of the clouds for a over an hour as I was trying to shoot a pano of the ravine, I was able to try out a new lens to capture said pano. I got to do some awesome butt sliding down into the ravine, and then I was able to get some great photos of the insane skiers that carry their gear on a 3 mile hike in order to ski some crazy steep terrain. And proceeded to sunburn the hell out of my face and neck while I was there.

            Now I’m ready for spring! 😀

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