Photo 101 – Day Two: Street

Today, let’s focus on a street. It can be a quiet road blanketed in snow, an alley near your apartment covered with murals, or a busy street where pedestrians weave between cars and motorbikes


Riding here, I can’t see your face
What has caused you to come to this troubled place?
Atop a horse that is one with the night
Why are you here? this isn’t your fight
My hand in yours leading the way,
You beg me to go, so why should I stay
Darken eyes with hair swept over your face,
Why have you come to this forsaken place?

Back on his horse and riding away
Just riding, away
Back on his horse riding away
The shadows shoot by under the moon’s silver rays
Until the dawn of the day

Taking your hands gentle with grace
Now we are here is it the end of the chase?
Hearing the ocean, the wind in our tree
You’re still bound, please just be free
Staring at me, your touch full of grace
Is it the end of the chase?


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