Photo 101 – Day Five: Solitude

Day Five: Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”
We’re excited about today’s theme, solitude. In addition to thinking about what it means to you, also consider the placement of the subject in your shot. How can you interpret the state of being alone, or a lonely and uninhabited place?


Like this spider,
there are days where I enjoy my solitude
Do you know why?
Of those great moments,
the ones where epiphanies occur,
be they on the bathroom,
or overlooking a stunning view,
they occur more often than not,
in solitude.


8 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day Five: Solitude

    1. I know!!!
      It was huge and scary. I should of gotten closer but I was a chicken butt and didn’t… maybe next time.
      Or maybe I should buy a zoom lens. 😉


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