Photo 101 – Day Six: Connect

In this age of social media, we hear the word connect often, don’t we? Connect with us on Facebook! Connect with me on LinkedIn! Given what today’s technologies can do, it feels like the world is getting smaller, and we’re more connected than ever before.
There are many ways to interpret this theme: from a gadget to a handshake, from a bridge to a gathering among friends. What’s yours?

day6 -- connectTo me…

Every one of us
Is connected
When we embrace
That connection
And realize that
Not only are we
Connected to one another
But to all living things
And to the universe
Then life becomes
The happiness that it is meant to be.

We are here
To experience
To live
To learn.

There are a few here
On this realm of existence
Who have evolved
Who are willing
To share their knowledge
Wisdom and love.

All one needs to do
Is to begin the search
Open your eyes
Your mind
Your heart
Let that natural goodness prevail.

This connection
That we all share
Will someday get us to where
We all so desperately crave to be
Living in joy
Living in peace
Where all of us are truly free…


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