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A Starling That Is Nothing But Superb


What would I give to be a bird
I would fly up
and up
and up
Up beyond the city lights
and far across the countryside
into the sky and away
I’d dive between planets
and bathe in the stardust
What would I give to be a bird…


Atlanta Flamingo

Atlanta Flamingo

Flamingos are my VERY favorite bird,
I love their adorable faces and their feathers of soft
Dark pink satin
They look so innocent and sweet
Never fly away, my sweet birds…

Our Georgia Bloom

Georgia bloom

Georgia bloom1

There’s a flower that grows where people can’t find her you know they’d pick her but she won’t show she won’t show when love is her rain only then she’ll grow send me the rain send me the rain for Georgia bloom her truth is her sunlight not for those who bend with un-pure hearts her love is forever yeah i said forever without end with out end send me the rain send me the rain for Georgia bloom for Georgia bloom one day i’ll find her and she’ll be mine forever oh till the end of time send me the rain send me the rain for Georgia bloom send me the rain for Georgia bloom oh Georgia bloom oh Georgia bloom

by: George Harrington

Block And Tackle

Rusty Block and Tackle
There is always
A mysterious something
About all things old

Maybe, these yellowing, rusted,
Forgotten objects
Slipped off the inky azure of their mind’s corners

But now, they have felt the way
To a pair of lips
As they reminisce
Of times gone by

Who Will?

fallen tree
Who will dance with the wind now that you are gone?
Who will catch the sun’s rays as I walk on?

Who will slow down the gust of wind that has no self-control?
Who will dilute the air that is toxic to my soul?

Who will speak to the clouds about sending the rain?
Who will shelter me from the storm and soothe my pain?

Who will stand in the rain when others hide away?
Who will provide a place for little birds to play?

Who will catch my rain drops before they touch the ground?
Who will give me comfort now that you are drowned?

In That Bridge

Atlanta Bridge

In that bridge, we sit
On our last day together
Don’t think we’ll see each other after this
But I’ll always remember
The stars in your deep blue eyes
And your playful smile
Wishing we could stay here
Forever, for a while
But it is time for a change
New beginnings, new ends
Maybe in the future
We’ll find each other again
In that bridge…