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Block And Tackle

Rusty Block and Tackle
There is always
A mysterious something
About all things old

Maybe, these yellowing, rusted,
Forgotten objects
Slipped off the inky azure of their mind’s corners

But now, they have felt the way
To a pair of lips
As they reminisce
Of times gone by


The Russian River

Russian River

You have your own voice
You have your own song
Splashing, rippling, rushing on

In you I find tranquility
In you I feel comfort
Oh, my Russian River

My memories of you
Will live forever
Deep in my heart.

Deep In The Valley


There is a place deep in the valley where many lilies grow
Where bluebirds fly gently as they go

Lots of soft grass as green as it can be
In this valley you are free

Snow-covered mountains look peaceful and serene
Like a picture post card to complete the scene

A big blue sky bluer than the sea
There is a place deep in the valley where I long to be