Tag: Lakes

Reflections Of Me


The earth reflects the sky
The lake reflects the clouds and trees
They all reflect me


Who Will?

fallen tree
Who will dance with the wind now that you are gone?
Who will catch the sun’s rays as I walk on?

Who will slow down the gust of wind that has no self-control?
Who will dilute the air that is toxic to my soul?

Who will speak to the clouds about sending the rain?
Who will shelter me from the storm and soothe my pain?

Who will stand in the rain when others hide away?
Who will provide a place for little birds to play?

Who will catch my rain drops before they touch the ground?
Who will give me comfort now that you are drowned?

Battle between feeling and not

Sunset over the lake

Some days as I watch the sun set
I feel everything at once
Other days when I am at home
I feel nothing at all

I do not know what is worse
Drowning in the lake
Perishing from the unquenchable thirst

It is a constant battle
A war between
Remembering and forgetting
Somewhere between happiness is found