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Photo 101 – Day Eleven: A Pop of Color

day11 -- color

Countless colors on nature’s palette
Fills me with many moods and emotions
Picturesque gallery of many paintings
Forever framed in my mind
Immerse my soul in nature’s color
Faithfully creating new colors of hope.


Photo 101 – Day Nine: Warmth

Photography means “drawing with light,” and when you snap a picture with your camera, you use and record light to create an image.
When we’re out and about, we use the sun — our most abundant light source — to capture our scenes.
Today, capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source. And if the sun is nowhere to be found, don’t worry! You can interpret warmth in a different way.

I was playing around and this is what I came out with… just a simple iris flower opening up to the warmth of the sun.

day9 -- warmth

Leave me to bask
In the warmth of this tranquility
Even for the smallest while
Before the frigid cold consumes me…



“She met a boy and called him Stargazer because instead of poems, he recited the names of constellations. He said the freckles on his arms were roadmaps to the sky, and the bruises that he carried were supernovas in disguise.
-Alaska Gold, Stargazer

My Daffodils

yellow and white daffodilyellow and white daffodil1


Nodding to the song of humming birds
Daffodil speaks whispered words
To the sunshine as it spills
It’s golden hue on petals trims
Bending on a green stem
Honeybees dance around them
Ruffled collar, white and yellow bloom
Bursting buds chase winter’s gloom
Gone the rains and bitter chill
Banished by the daffodil

Our Georgia Bloom

Georgia bloom

Georgia bloom1

There’s a flower that grows where people can’t find her you know they’d pick her but she won’t show she won’t show when love is her rain only then she’ll grow send me the rain send me the rain for Georgia bloom her truth is her sunlight not for those who bend with un-pure hearts her love is forever yeah i said forever without end with out end send me the rain send me the rain for Georgia bloom for Georgia bloom one day i’ll find her and she’ll be mine forever oh till the end of time send me the rain send me the rain for Georgia bloom send me the rain for Georgia bloom oh Georgia bloom oh Georgia bloom

by: George Harrington