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Photo 101 – Day Eight: Natural World & Leading Lines

A good photographer is a constant observer: always watching and studying a scene, from patterns in city traffic to movements in nature.
A photographer notices big, sweeping changes — like the sky at dusk — but also the tiniest details, like the subtle bends in bare branches in the Nevada desert:
Capture the natural world with your camera: document a moment outside, big or small. From a panorama snapped during your morning hike to a close-up of a leaf in your yard, we invite you to document this wondrous world around us.

I read these words “A good photographer is…” for my next assignment and I froze. That ugly negative voice appeared in my head telling me – well — I won’t tell you what it was telling me and I rather tell you that I pushed those thoughts aside and went hunting. 🙂
This is my interpretation of my natural world, the natural lines the stormy clouds created with the sun behind them and the moon rising above.

day8 -- natural world


Deep In The Valley


There is a place deep in the valley where many lilies grow
Where bluebirds fly gently as they go

Lots of soft grass as green as it can be
In this valley you are free

Snow-covered mountains look peaceful and serene
Like a picture post card to complete the scene

A big blue sky bluer than the sea
There is a place deep in the valley where I long to be

The Sky Will Shine Again


Too say that I miss you would be too much
Too say that I love you would be too far
Too say I want your arms around me and pull me close would be too cruel

What I want… is not able to be given
What I need… must be put aside
As each day lingers and each night falls… I slip into a darkness

Much too dark to ever shine
Abandoned, desolated, forsaken
I collapse only to rise again

In Limbo


My soul is trapped in limbo
I ache to soar
To breathe

Inhale the light of nature
Exhale the pain
Live free

The clouds fall
I rise above them
Emerge from the haze uneasily clear

Still, I wish I could
Go back to denial
Floating in the clouds, lost in a daze.


Note: Can you see the monster/demon in the clouds?